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A decade ago the sight of a tatty copy of Casino Royale in my local charity shop stirred a desire to do something I had never done before - actually read an Ian Fleming novel.

But, just like millions before me, after only the opening line, I was hooked.

Immediately I wanted to read all the books. And after reading the books, I wanted to own them. And it was from that day on that an ambition to track down and collect the very finest Jonathan Cape first editions began.

Today, first printings of Ian Fleming's James Bond novels are amongst some of the most coveted modern-day firsts. But minuscule early print-runs combined with dust-jackets prone to damage and fading (plus ever-declining survival rates), means the quest to find the perfect book is never-ending - and also getting harder with each passing year. saves bibliophiles the immense time and research now needed to find these precious books. It's the result of many years' experience devoted to hunting the very best first editions out there. My passion is discovering the almost impossibly-fine book, so book-lovers can grow and create their own formidable collections.


Each book offered here has been assiduously searched-for, authenticated, and checked so collectors can be confident they're taking home one of the best books on the market. And they're listed at prices buyers will find difficult to beat for the quality of book presented.


So welcome, and here's to being part of your own collecting journey.



Peter Crush

"The scent and smoke and

sweat of a casino are nauseating at three in the morning."

- Casino Royale's famous opening line

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