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Don't let a great book pass you by.
Trade-in your existing Fleming(s) to get
the upgrade of your dreams

Release the value of your existing first editions. Trade them in to turn good books into fine books.

At we understand building a fantastic collection is a gradual process. It often involves buying the best you can at the time - books you may eventually want to upgrade.

We can help you realise your upgrade dreams without breaking the bank - with our unique trade-in service.


It's so simple - but only we're offering it!

Simply trade in your existing first edition(s) to help fund your upgrade*.

With our upgrade service we make owing fine-condition books achievable by saving you the time and risk of selling your own book(s) first.


If you spot a book on this site that's better than what you already own, trade in what you have to bag it before it goes!

Follow our 5-step process to 00-upgrade-heaven:


Screenshot 2020-11-01 at 8.29.00 PM.png




Screenshot 2020-10-31 at 8.39.58 PM.png


Screenshot 2020-10-31 at 8.45.19 PM.png


Screenshot 2020-10-31 at 8.48.15 PM.png

Find your perfect book


Send pics of your

book(s) in

We'll value them (price

confirmed when seen)

You pay the


Sit back. Your upgraded

book(s) are on their way

* Trade-in prices will be quoted individually, based on condition and estimated resell value. Prices offered are for first impressions only.

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